Publications and scientific studies by vermicon AG on diverse topics about wastewater and process water.

Detecting Malfunctions in the Nitrification Stage

KA-Betriebs Info, 2018 - Raimund Schneider, wastewater manager at Stadtwerke Schramberg, reports about his experience with the use of VIT® gene probe technology for analysis and monitoring of the nitrification stage.

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Filamentous Bacteria Identification

IJESD, 2016 - Identification of Filamentous Bacteria Dominating in Kuwait’s Activated Sludge Systemsby Use of Molecular Biology Techniques.

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The End of the Black Box

gwf Wasser-Abwasser, 2016 - Control of wastewater microorganisms with the VIT® early warning system.

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One-stage deammonification

Water Science & Technology, 2016 - Rapid start-up of one-stage deammonification MBBR without addition of external inoculum.

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Deammonification process: impact of biofilm seeding

Environmental Technology, 2014 - Impact of seeding on the start-up of one-stage deammonification MBBRs.

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Treatment of paper mill deinking wastewater

Bioresource Technology, 2012 - Lab scale experiments using a submerged MBR under thermophilic aerobic conditions for the treatment of paper mill deinking wastewater.

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Microbiology of Anaerobic Sludges in the Paper Industry

Special Sewage Sludge, wwt, 2011 - Prevention of pellet floating and pellet degradation in anaerobic plants: analysis of anaerobic sludges with the help of modern gene probe technology.

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Nitrifying bacteria biofilm

Cemosphere, 2010 - Monitoring structure and activity of nitrifying bacterial biofilm in an automatic biodetector of water toxicity.

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Monitoring of the Microbiology of Wastewater

gwf Wasser-Abwasser, 2010 - Complete Control of the Plant by Targeted Microbiological Monitoring.

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Saving Precipitants

gwf Wasser-Abwasser, 2004 - Precipitant savings on a large wastewater treatment plant by monitoring of filamentous bacteria with gene probes.

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Molecular monitoring of bulking sludge

Water Sci Technology, 2002 - Molecular monitoring of bulking sludge in industrial wastewater treatment plants.

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On-Site Detection of Nitrifying Bacteria

wlb – Wasser, Luft und Boden, 2001 - On-site detection of nitrifying bacteria in wastewater samples using highly specific gene probes.

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