VIT® Leuconostoc/Lactococcus lactis

Test kit for the rapid and specific analysis of Leuconostoc and Lactococcus lactis


Item Number: 01210028

Detection of beer spoilage bacteria

VIT® Leuconostoc/Lactococcus lactis enables the fast and specific detection of viable Leuconostoc at the one hand and Lactococcus lactis bacteria at the other hand. They are displayed in different colors. Beverage production in-process samples as well as samples of final products are analyzed regarding existence of these bacteria species. With VIT® Leuconostoc/Lactococcus lactis only living cells are detected – thus, you only will find microorganisms which are actually relevant.

This kit is an ideal complement to our VIT® Beer plus L. brevis (the same enrichments can be used) and VIT® Beer Megasphaera Pectinatus.

The analysis is easy to conduct – only few minutes hands-on time. The results are provided within 3 hours. Analysis is performed by using a fluorescence microscope. All essential expendable materials required for analysis are contained in the kit.

Analysis can be performed with following samples:

  • Isolates (directly)
  • Liquid enrichment (directly)
  • Beer and beer based drinks (short pre-enrichment)
  • Environmental samples (short pre-enrichment)


It is also possible for us to do a complete and fast screening for beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria: VIT® beer screening.


Identical microscopic image after analysis with the test kit: phase contrast, Lactococcus lactis shines red, Leuconostoc spp. green.
Identical microscopic image after VIT® analysis: phase contrast, Lactococcus lactis shines red, Leuconostoc spp. green.

Your Advantages

  • specific identification of Leuconostoc

  • specific identification of Lactococcus lactis

  • detection of living bacteria exclusively

  • fast testing time

  • detection is based upon our reliable VIT® gene probe technology