Cooling water

Detect Legionella reliably even in problematic samples - with VIT®.

Cooling water isn't drinking water

In regard to the detectability of microorganisms, cooling water differs significantly from drinking water. Due to the higher degree of contamination in cooling water, detection of legionella with conventional methods is frequently insufficient. In addition, the long time-to-result of up to 14 days is problematic in the urgent event of suspected cases.

Application of VIT® in cooling towers

In case of contamination with legionella, cooling towers can pose a threat for their surroundings. Due to the increased temperature of cooling water, legionella have selective advantage.

Continuous monitoring of legionella is not only sensible, but also statutory. It is important, however, to reliably detect any legionella present. In addition, only viable cells are relevant. Owing to the high level of contamination in cooling water, conventional methods are frequently insufficient. Modern methods like PCR, however, detect dead cells and thus lead to increased result values.

For this reason, VIT® gene probe technology is the method of choice when it comes to detecting only viable legionella reliably and quickly in the problematic cooling water.

Scan VIT® Legionella for cooling water

Scan VIT® Legionella is extrordinarily well-suited for detection of legionella in cooling water. Within a maximum of 3 days, legionella in the cooling water sample are not only identified, but also quantified absolutely. Absolute quantification ensures that all legionella present in a sample are detected and evaluated. No other method is able to achieve this.

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