VIT® E.coli/Coliforme

Test kit for rapid analysis of coliform bacteria and specifically Escherichia coli


Item Number: 01210008

Detection of Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria

VIT® E. coli/Coliforms unequivocally detects all coliform bacteria as well as E. coli in one single analysis. Even lactose and indole negative E. coli strains are detected reliably. Its reliability and specificity sets it apart from all other available procedures.

The analysis is easy to conduct – only few minutes hands-on time. The results are provided within 3 hours. Analysis is performed by using a fluorescence microscope. All essential expendable materials required for analysis are contained in the kit. Package size: 25 analyses.

Analysis can be performed with following samples:

  • Isolates (directly)
  • Liquid enrichment (directly)
  • Water (short pre-enrichment)
  • Food (short pre-enrichment)
  • Drinks (short pre-enrichment)


This product is also available as service:
Specific detection of Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria

In case you need an absolute quantification of the bacteria in the sample in addition to a reliable identification, we recommend ScanVIT® E. coli/Coliforms.


Identical microscopic image after analysis with the test kit: phase contrast, coliform cells shine red, E. coli specifically green.
Identical microscopic image after VIT® anlysis: phase contrast, coliform cells shine red, E. coli specifically green.

Your Advantages

  • detection of coliform bacteria as well as E. coli bacteria in one single analysis

  • detection of living bacteria exclusively

  • fast detection

  • highest specificity

  • detection is based upon our reliable VIT® gene probe technology