Scan VIT® Ballast Water Enterococcus/E. coli

Test kit for the rapid and quantitative analysis of Enterococci and E. coli
in ballast water according to IMO's detection limits


Item Number: 01140016

Rapid detection of indicator microorganisms

With Scan VIT® Ballast Water Enterococcus/E. coli vermicon provides a kit especially developed to scan ballast water from cargo ships for indicator microorganisms. Bacteria of the genus Enterococcus and additionally Escherichia coli are detected with high specificity and unequivocally.

With only 12 hours time-to-result ScanVIT® Ballast Water Enterococcus/E. coli beats every other method. Application of the kit is easy and no time-consuming training for implementation and evaluation is needed. Package size: 100 analyses.


The ideal complement to this kit: Scan VIT® Ballast Water Vibrio cholerae.


Ballast water rapid test kit, developed in collaboration with SGS.

Your Advantages

  • reliable and specific detection of bacteria of the genus Enterococcus and E. coli

  • exact and absolute quantification

  • only detection of living cells

  • fast detection

  • highest specificity