Zeiss Axiolab 5 LED

Especially aligned to evaluation after VIT® kit analysis

Zeiss Axiolab 5 LED (VIT® adapted)

The Zeiss Axiolab 5 LED as VIT® adapted version is the ideal analysis tool for VIT® kits. We tested for you in the vermicon laboratories and can confirm: this device is convincingly functional in every component. It provides for custom-made microscope configuration and profitability due to its modularity. Axiolab 5 LED impresses with both its comfortable handling and its efficient workflow. Many product details facilitate your everyday laboratory work considerably. vermicon AG VIT® Kits sample analysis can thus be completed in continuous operation comfort.

This device is available as optical and fluorescence microscope. Please ask directly for specifications for the VIT® adapted Axiolab 5 LED.

Ask us for suitable VIT® system packages consisting of VIT® test kits, microscope, the VIT® cam and the VIT® Vision software.