VIT® for Filaments

Rapid analysis of the most problematic filamentous bacteria


Item Number: 01130015

Lab analysis: detection of filamentous bacteria in wastewater

By using special gene probes the most important problem causing filamentous bacteria in wastewater are analyzed. Only living bacteria will be detected.

Results are displayed according to the VIT® keys. The report contains a representative photo documentation that visualizes the filamentous bacteria in the wastewater sample.

You will find a detailed description in our article dealing with filaments in activated sludge.

Qualitative oder quantitative detection?
Semi-quantitative detection

Which method is applied?
The reliable VIT® gene probe technology.

Which requirements are important?
Please request our simple protocol for fixation of wastewater samples. Make sure that you fix/stabilize your samples in the indicated manner before sending the samples to us.


You would prefer to perform the analysis on site? We offer a range of kits for filamentous bacteria:
VIT® 021N/Thiothrix
VIT® Chloroflexi
VIT® Haliscomenobacter
VIT® Microthrix
VIT® Nocardia
VIT® Nostocoida limicola II


Microscopic image: after analysis with gene probe technology, all living bacteria shine green and Nostocoida limicola II specifically shines red.
Microscopic image after VIT® analysis: all living bacteria shine green, Nostocoida limicola II specifically shines red.

Detected filamentous bacteria

Eikelboom type 021N
Eikelboom type 1851
Haliscomenobacter hydrossis
Microthrix parvicella
nocardioform Actinomycetes
Nostocoida limicola Typ II

Your Advantages

  • specific detection of most important filamentous bacteria direct in samples

  • detection of living bacteria exclusively

  • quantitve assesment

  • information about combat strategy