Fermentative yeasts – Screening

Specific identification of yeasts of the genera Saccharomyces,
Zygosaccharomyces, Pichia, Dekkera and Candida


Item Number: 01230034

Lab analysis: screening of fermentative yeasts

Analysis of grown colonies or pure cultures using highly specific gene probes for following yeast genera: Saccharomyces, Zygosaccharomyces, Pichia, Dekkera and Candida . The detected yeast genera are reported specifically.

Results will be provided within the next working day after sample receipt.

Qualitative or quantitative detection?

Which method is applied?
The reliable VIT® gene probe technology.

Which requirements are important?
Pre-enriched samples:
Pre-enriched bouillons (10 ml) or agar plates with colonies.


Alternative options for analysis of spoilage yeasts:
Fermentative yeasts – Identification


Identical microscopic image: phase contrast (left), obligate fermentative yeasts shine red (center) and potentially fermentative yeasts shine green (right) after analysis with gene probe technology.
Identical microscopic image after VIT® analysis: phase contrast, obligate fermentative yeasts shine red, potentially fermentative yeasts shine green.

Your Advantages

  • specific detection of Saccharomyces, Zygosaccharomyces, Pichia, Dekkera and Candida

  • separate declaration of genera

  • detection of living yeasts exclusively

  • exceptionally fast operational time

  • highest specificity