Mineral water

Bottling of mineral water has to comply with extremely high demands regarding the hygienic quality of well and filling lines. VIT® helps with meeting the microbiological criteria.

Quality control

Several statutory microbiological parameters have to be examined during the bottling process. Absence of pathogenic organisms is required as well as non-exceedance of a maximum number of colonies per sample. Speed and specificity are decisive parameters for a plant's profitability and safety.


The quality of a well determines the quality of its bottled mineral water. However, well microbiology is more than just the sum of statutory parameters. Impeccable microbiological quality - independent of any requirements - has to be determined and safeguarded continuously.  



Complete control over microbiology

Complete control over microbiology is the declared goal. Independent of legal requirements, every mineral water company's asset has to be protected: the perfect quality of its well water.

Microorganisms in water

Non cultivable bacteria

Non cultivable bacteria can cause problems in the product. Visible flocculation and adverse effects on its sensoric quality are a direct result of the growth of non-cultivable microorganisms. With VIT® gene probe technology, these can be detected quickly and reliably.

All living and dead cells in a mineral water sample shine blue

All living and dead cells in a mineral water sample.

After analysis with VIT®: living, non-cultivable, floc-forming bacteria shine red

Specific detection of living, non-cultivable, floc-forming bacteria.

VIT® for mineral water

With VIT® gene probe technology, microbiological disturbances at the bottling stage can be detected quickly, traced back reliably and can be removed permanently.

Due to the direct detection, all microorganisms - whether cultivable or non-cultivable - can be detected in the well, thus determining a well's microbiological stability.