Milk and Dairy Products

VIT® for an optimal quality control and analysis of microbial populations

Microbial diversity

Milk and milk products host a multitude of microorganisms. In many cases, these bacteria are wanted or even needed. In this respect, stater cultures, which are, e.g., used in selective maturation of cheese or sour cream butter, are key. Control over these organisms is essential for the quality of the end product.

Quality control deals primarily with unwanted bacteria potentially causing economic damage (product spoilage) or health hazards for the consumer as pathogens.

Microbiological challenges

For milk and milk products, the challenge lies in a specific detection of defined target organisms, as the bacterial community in milk and milk products is always heterogeneous. Nevertheless, the wanted or unwanted bacteria have to be identfied cleary and in most cases, they have also to be quantified.

Analysis of milk and dairy products

VIT® offers a range of possibilities

VIT® can be applied in all types of milk and milk products:

  • pasteurized milk
  • preserved milk
  • raw milk
  • milk powder
  • curdled milk
  • butter
  • yoghurt
  • cheese


The option to combine the detection for different bacterial groups creates great flexiblity and the possibility to detect exactly those organisms which are of interest for the company in the product.

Even in case a service or a product are not available yet, our service can react quickly to a customer-specific requirement. Development of VIT® kits for specific microorganisms is also possible.

This provides you with exactly the flexibility and control in production and QC that any modern company should have.

Most recommended VIT® test kits:

VIT® Staphylococcus
VIT® E. coli/Coliforms
VIT® Yersinia
VIT® Campylobacter
VIT® Listeria