Denitrification enables a complete removal of nitrogen from wastewater.

The bacteria responsible

The group of denitifying bacteria is extremely diverse. In contrast to the nitrifying bacteria, they can't even be attributed to a single group, but extend across several independent bacteria groups.

Observe changes in denitrifying bacteria, act timely

Detection of denitrifying bacteria directly in the process allows to recognize population shifts before effluent limit values are exceeded. Process changes can thus be implemented in a timely manner. Ideally, the amount of denitrifying bacteria should be monitored in relation to the amount of nitrifying bacteria.


Detection of denitrifying bacteria

Detecting denitrifying bacteria with VIT®

VIT® gene probe technology can detect denitrifying bacteria directly in the wastewater sample. Even though they are part of separate groups, the presence of denitrifying bacteria can be analyzed and quantified with a set of specific gene probes.

This analysis is offered as service only: Denitrifying bacteria analysis


Phase contrast image

Phase contrast image

Microscopic image of activated sludge.

After analysis with VIT®: denitrifying bacteria shine red

VIT® detection

The identical view of the microscopic image and detection with VIT®. Denitrifying bacteria (red) can be identified clearly.