Test kit for rapid, parallel analysis of
Bio-P bacteria in wastewater samples


Item Number: 01110020

Detection of Bio-P bacteria in wastewater

The VIT® PAO/GAO test kit detects the two most important groups of organisms (Polyphosphate-accumulating bacteria and Glycogen-accumulating bacteria) in biological phosphate elimination in parallel. The specific VIT® gene probes enable a highly specific discrimination verified by molecular genetics as well as an examination of the current ratio of both groups. In the process of analysis, bacteria are specifically dyed according to their genetic pattern and can thus be visualized directly. Cells shining in red correspond to PAO and cells shining in green correspond to GAO.

The kit VIT® PAO/GAO is part of the reliable VIT® early warning system for wastewater treatment plants.

The analysis is easy to conduct – only few minutes hands-on time. The results are provided within 3 hours. All essential consumables required for analysis are contained in the kit.
Package size: 25 analyses.


You want to send us your samples for analysis? No problem with BIO-P analysis.


Identical microscopic image after analysis with the test kit: phase contrast, PAO shining in red, GAO shining in green.
Phase contrast microscopic image of a wastewater sample and identical image after analysis with VIT®: PAO shining in red, GAO shining in green.

Your Advantages

  • detection of PAO and GAO in parallel

  • results lead to an efficient early warning system

  • only viable cells are detected

  • short time-to-result

  • extremely high specificity