Beer spoilage lactic acid bacteria

Fast and specific detection of all beer-spoiling
lactic acid bacteria and of Lactobacillus brevis


Item Number: 01230003

Lab analysis: detection of lactic acid bacteria and L. brevis

Specific detection of all beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria including the most common contaminant Lactobacillus brevis. All relevant brewing process stages can be analyzed: filtration and non-filtration area including yeast recycling.

Results will be provided within 3 working days after sample receipt, in case of readily enriched samples or grown colonies by the next working day.

Qualitative or quantitative detection?

Which method is applied?
The reliable VIT® gene probe technology.

Which requirements are important?
Product and raw material samples:

  • beer, wine, juices and soft drinks, minimum 100 ml
  • water samples (e.g. soda, rinsing water etc.), minimum 100 ml

Pre-enriched samples:

  • Pre-enriched bouillons (10 ml) or agar plates with colonies: this allows a shorter time-to-result.


Especially for analysis of beer samples, we also recommend our Beer spoilers – Screening or Beer spoilers – Screening PLUS.

Ideal for analysis directly on site: our test kit VIT® Beer plus L. brevis.


Identical microscopic image: phase contrast (left), all living beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria shining red (center) and Lactobacillus brevis shining specifically green (right) after analysis with gene probe technology.
Identical microscopic image after VIT® analysis: phase contrast, living beer spoiling bacteria shine red and Lactobacillus brevis specifically green.

Your Advantages

  • specific detection of all beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria and especially L. brevis

  • determination of both parameters

  • detection of living bacteria exclusively

  • incomparably fast operational time

  • safe trace detection

  • highest specificity

  • analysis of all stages in brewing process possible