FAQ: VIT® Vision

Questions and answers about VIT® Vision software

Frequently asked questions

1. Which operation system does VIT® Vision need?
Windows 10 (64-Bit). Learn more about the system requirements.

2. Do I need an internet connection?
A connection to the internet is not strictly necessary. However, it would facilitate all processes like e.g. the licensing of your software version, the implementation of updates and the access to the support website.

3. Which license models are available for VIT® Vision?
Learn more about our Limited Edition Master License offer.

4. I do already own a VAS license. Can I upgrade to VIT® Vision?
Of course we offer upgrades of VAS to the new VIT® Vision. Please contact our support team via contact form or directly at: support@vermicon.com.

5. I don’t use VIT® test kits. Is VIT® Vision still helpful for me?
VIT® Vision can assist you even with conventional microscopic evaluations. The "Measurement", "Image Capture" and "Video Capture" tools can also be used in the phase contrast mode. They will allow you to capture images and video sequences and to perform length measurements.

6. How fast is VIT® Vision going to evolve?
Our plan is to provide a new version of VIT® Vision quarterly. The version history will keep you updated about when the next the update will be available and will inform you about previously published versions.

7. Is there a version history for the evolution of VIT® Vision?
You can access the version history here: version history.

8. How much does VIT® Vision cost?
Please get in touch with our specialist consultants. They will compile a cost evaluation for you that is specifically tailored to your individual needs. To the contact form.

9. Does VIT® Vision require a camera connection?
Yes, in order to work with VIT® Vision you will require a camera connection in addition to your microscope connection.

10. Can any camera be used with VIT® Vision?
For a trouble-free evaluation with VIT® Vision, you will require a VIT® Cam. Learn more about the VIT® Cam here: VIT® Cam.

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VIT® Vision Overview

VIT® Vision Overview

Return to the VIT® Vision overview page, where the most important functions, advantages and features of the software are explained.

Up to Date

Up to Date

VIT® Vision is continuously expanded with new functions. New updates are available quarterly. Stay up to date, sign up for the VIT® Vision newsletter and don’t miss any update!

The Vision of VIT® Vision

The Vision of VIT® Vision

With the advancement of VIT® Vision, we are breaking new ground in the optimization of biological wastewater treatment plants. Our goal is to control the entire biology of a wastewater treatment plant with VIT® Vision and in doing so, to permanently increase the plant’s reliability.