Specific identification and quantification of Legionella spp.
and Legionella pneumophila in effluent samples


Item Number: 01130025

Lab analysis: detection of Legionella in wastewater samples

Quantification of Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila in discharges of WWTP using VIT® gene probe technology.

Qualitative or quantitative detection?
Absolute quantification

Which requirements are important?
Wastewater samples

  • Sample material: samples from wastewater treatment plant discharges, minimum 200 ml 

Please request information regarding sampling and shipment of samples.

This service is also available as serviceplus.


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Your Advantages

  • high speed analysis

  • detection of the whole genus Legionella

  • additionally specific detection of L. pnuemophila

  • quantification

  • only living bacteria will be detected

  • highest specificity

  • applied for the prevention of disturbances