The Specialist for Wastewater Treatment Biology

We have taken a close look at the requirements biological wastewater treatment plants have when it comes to increasing their reliability and have analyzed them thoroughly. The development of VIT® Vision is the result of the current development towards continuous optimiziation of operational reliablity via biology.

VIT® Vision allows to finally control and analyze wastewater biology. Its features are specifically tailored to our target group are supposed to make working with a plant‘s biology not a burden, but a pleasure.


Imaging Icon

Ingenious algorithms ensure highest image quality.
Automatic image enhancement and extremely fast live imaging. Quick adjustment of exposure parameters.

Video Capture

Video Icon

Capture of video sequences for an efficient monitoring of e.g. ciliates.
Unrestricted video length. Live image display of the currently recorded video.
Videos are saved as mp4 files.


Measurement Icon

Length and size measurements for live and previously captured images.
Scale and magnification details can be customized.


VIT® Key Icon

Quantitative evaluation with the help of the automated VIT® key, leading to an easier assessment of the extent of a problem.
Additional solution approach in case of bulking and floating sludge and also perfect for monitoring the stability of the nitrification and denitrification process.


Documentation Icon

Custom data filing und customizable documentation of evaluations.
Creation of PDF short reports enabling standardization of measurement values.


Support Icon

Personal and telephonic support service.
Regular software updates for an optimal performance.

VIT® Vision Features

  • intuitive user interface

  • extremely fast live imaging

  • auto-optimization of imaging parameters

  • wizard for quick adjustment of exposure parameters

  • recording and saving of video sequences

  • quantitative evaluation of bacteria present in the sample

  • creation of short reports in the PDF format

  • excellent file management

  • integration of external measurement data

  • measurement mode: for live and previously documented measurements


  • Personal support service
  • Telephonic support service
  • Regular software updates
VIT® Vision Overview

VIT® Vision Overview

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Up to Date

Up to Date

VIT® Vision is continuously expanded with new functions. New updates are available quarterly. Stay up to date, sign up for the VIT® Vision newsletter and don’t miss any update!



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