Microbiological and
technical sewage expertise and
personalised support

In the implementation, realisation and final evaluation of a wastewater
monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 and other relevant pathogens.

Challenges in the implementation of comprehensive corona wastewater monitoring

The detection of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses such as coronaviruses is a challenging task due to the complex composition of wastewater and numerous influences in the sewer network. The more complex a sample, the higher the error rate when interpreting the results. The reliability and reproducibility of the results are extremely important when implementing a wastewater-based early warning system. Only then can the data collected be used for health management working in the background.

With the microbiological expertise of vermicon AG and the sewer technology expertise of HPC AG, we have successfully mastered this difficult task and thus provide you with a fully functional, robust surveillance system for SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater and the connected sewer systems.

Why you should have us test you

vermicon AG is a pioneer in wastewater microbiology. Together with our partner HPC AG, the expert in the quality assurance of sewer systems, we are committed to optimising the reproducibility and reliability of results as well as providing customer-oriented support. Reliable, personal, scientifically proven - these are the guiding principles that motivate us in this partnership.

About vermicon AG

For more than 25 years vermicon AG has been systematically dealing with the most important topics of biological wastewater treatment. Our experts in the direct analysis of wastewater microorganisms work together with wastewater treatment plants, chemists, environmental technicians and process engineers worldwide to raise the performance of biological treatment to the highest level by continuously monitoring the biocenosis.

Our decades of experience in the application of molecular biological methods in wastewater are unmatched and therefore enable us to carry out reliable and highly effective wastewater monitoring for microorganisms and viruses.

About HPC AG

As an engineering company, HPC AG develops solutions for land recycling, infrastructure planning and wastewater management. With over 400 employees and 30 locations in Germany, HPC AG is represented in many regions.

Wastewater management in times of coronavirus means, above all, saving time: Capture. Investigate. Looking ahead. You can see more than you think in targeted wastewater samples. HPC AG not only takes care of the standardised, professional collection of wastewater samples, but also provides you with advice and assistance on the right strategy and supports you in choosing the optimal sampling locations.

More about HPC AG

  • Certified sampling for high quality and reliable results

  • Reliable results thanks to optimised RT-qPCR technology

  • Results from 24 hours after arrival at the laboratory

  • Dashboard with PDF reporting

  • Personal support and availability

  • Scientifically based and validated

How is the
sampling and analysis?

Type and process of the analysis

Sample volume Concentration
at least 200 ml 40 ml wastewater sample


Sampling options

  Scoop sampling Qualified sampling Time-proportional sampling Volume-based sampling
type manuel manuel automatic automatic
reference value none time time volume
description Waste water sample is taken manually. Wastewater samples are taken manually several times a day at the same time.DIN specification: 5 individual samples in two hours. Wastewater sample is taken automatically at defined intervals. Wastewater sample is taken automatically according to defined volume quantities.
installation neccesary no no yes yes
costs for installation none none medium high
pool sample no yes yes yes
manual labor medium high low low
representative statement no low high high


A faecal indicator in the form of the plant virus PMMoV is used to take into account possible dilution effects in the wastewater (e.g. during heavy rainfall). The measurement of PMMoV serves as a normalisation standard and provides information on the faecal content of the wastewater sample.

Regular, representative sampling (e.g. 24-hour composite sample) and analysis can reliably detect and document the smallest changes in SARS-CoV-2 infection rates.

Order testing

Order the analysis of your samples now. Detection is carried out using RTqPCR (recommended by the EU Commission and ESI-CorA). Sampling is carried out by our certified partner HPC AG or independently using our sampling kits. The process is suitable for wastewater treatment plants as well as for public and private facilities.

Wastewater-based epidemiology

Wastewater-based epidemiology is an effective tool for supporting public health management. The monitoring of health-relevant viruses and bacteria in wastewater is not only a quick and inexpensive procedure, but also a reliable measure for recording the incidence of infection in entire communities.

How is SARS-CoV-2 analysed in wastewater?

In the webinar "Wastewater-based epidemiology as an early warning system", vermicon AG and HPC AG will demonstrate the advantages of wastewater-based epidemiology, how such a system works in practice and why the sewer system should ideally be included. Participation in the webinar is free of charge. Register now!

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