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The central topic of the workshop ist the prevention of disturbances in the biological wastewater treatment. The biocenosis of wastewater treatment plants is the essential "motor" responsible for the purification performance. Without its help, modern wastewater treatment would be impossible. The workshop consists of a theortical part, followed by a practical part. Exact dates to be announced shortly.


In the theoretical part, you will become acquainted with the microbiological correlations in the wastewater treatment plant habitat. You will be introduced to the basics of wastewater microbiology and will also receive an overview over the latest scientific finding about nitrifying and filamentous bacteria in wastewater treatment plant and their detection via gene probe technology. Subsequently, you will be shown how, by direct monitoring of microorganisms, an early warning system can be implemented in wastewater treatment facilities.

The practical part includes a professional analysis of your sludge samples in our laboratories (it will be performed in advance) as well as an open evaluation and discussion of analysis results.

Talks at neighbourhood meetings in the wastewater sector

vermicon gives talks at neighbourhood meetings all across Germany. These talks provide an attractive outline of wastewater microbiology and point out how wastewater treatment plants can benefit from analyzing their microbiology. There are absolutely no costs for the hosting neighbourhood.

Are you interested in a talk? Just request our corresponding information material or reserve a date for a talk appointment at your neighbourhood meeting, without obligation.


Are you interested in a seminar, lecture or workshop, but can't find anything suitable? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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