Latest Updates

Version 1.11

  • Profiles are now also displayed in the project tables.
  • The last selected profile in the settings dialog is now the default profile for the project dialogs.
  • In the recording module the control elements can be expanded and collapsed dynamically.
  • A controller for the gain settings of the camera has been added.
  • A feedback form now allows users to report a software bug, make requests and send their opinion to vermicon (online only).
  • The user can see when vermicon has sent a response to his feedback (online only).
  • The handling of the software has been improved by better mouse control. Click options are now better displayed.
  • A link to the YouTube website has been added. This gives the user the opportunity to view the changes online.
  • Bug fixing: virtual projects can only be created up to the current date.
  • Bug fixing: in the past there were crashes when using the video function, this is fixed now.

Version 1.10

  • Profiles can now be created in the options for the capture module.
  • In a profile the dialog for image capture can be arranged individually.
  • In a profile, the dialog for the measurements can be compiled individually.
  • In a profile, the dialog for video capture can be compiled individually.
  • Projects can also be created without selecting a profile.
  • The dialogs are arranged as before by default.
  • The installation of the software has been simplified with the help of an installation key.
  • Online activation of the software has been simplified.
  • It is now possible to return the activation key online, e.g. to transfer the license to another computer.
  • A license renewal is now automatically detected in the software when connected online.
  • A quote for a license renewal can be requested online.

Version 1.9

  • The control elements of the statistics dialog have been moved to a context menu, which can be reached via the right mouse button.
  • It is now possible to click on project points in the graphic and thereby select the corresponding project in the project list.
  • In the statistics dialog the date of the current mouse position is displayed in the upper right corner.
  • Now 'virtual' projects can be created, i.e. projects are inserted which contain only the VIT® key value(s). The VIT® key value is simply entered manually for the corresponding date.
  • Printing of VIT® key data has been extended. Components can now be selected individually for printing, and many other print options can also be selected.
  • Events can now be edited by double-clicking in the graphic.
  • A time period can now be defined in all project dialogs. The project lists then accordingly only contain projects that lie within this time period.
  • The time period for displaying the projects can be defined. The default period is 6 months.
  • In the VIT® key dialog, all project data (selected VIT® key, location, measuring point, acquired images per channel) are now displayed in their own separate dialog..
  • The data dialog offers the possibility to click on the images. These are then displayed in the main dialog. If the data dialog is closed, the live image is displayed again.
  • Measuring lines can now be removed individually in the recording module.