The vermicon Principle

Since its founding in 1997, vermicon has not been willing to follow any paths just because they have always been followed in the past. This basic philosophy, having led to the establishment of the company in the first place, has become one of its most important pillars.

Our partners appreciate our approach. Without this fundamental strategy, however, we would not be able to work at all - for without the vermicon principle, we would not be what we are.

Passionately different

Microbiology is a conservative business. Based on Robert Koch's standards, for more than 100 years, bacteria have been cultivated on artificial media in order to be able to detect them. And this in spite of the fact that up to 99% of all bacteria are non-cultivable. 20 years ago, we already came to the conclusion that this cannot be the be-all and end-all. We wanted to take a different path, a path that had the resolution of the client's problem as its goal, regardless of any paths that had been previously taken in field of microbiology.

The vermicon principle includes the four fundamental pillars that have enabled us to not only take the risk of being different, but to make a success out of it.

Direct microbiology

As up to 99 % of all bacteria cannot be detected with the conventional approach, a new way to detect microorganisms had to be found.

Thinking out of the microbial box

Thinking differently and to also take the roads less travelled is the best way to find new and successful solution approaches in microbiology.

Solution-oriented course of action

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with a solution that effectively overcomes their challenges. In doing so, we are not bound by stiff microbiological conventions. Rather, our focus is on achieving an optimal result that will sustainably support our client.

People with people

Even in microbiology, people talk to people. We have committed ourselves to a kind, open-minded cooperation with our partners, based on mutual trust.

Direct microbiology

Direct microbiology

The best and fastest way is to detect bacteria directly in samples and without any detours. VIT® gene probe technology is the perfect tool for direct microbiology. It enables its user to detect microorganisms directly at their site of action. Of course, there are scenarios in which this is not immediately feasible due a disadvantageous ratio of sample volume to bacterial count. For these cases, there are alternatives like e.g. the Scan VIT® System.

Thinking out of the microbial box

Thinking out of the microbial box

Predefined microbiological procedures are comfortable and quickly implemented. However, they seldom lead to a fast and satisfying result for the customer. For this reason, a different way of microbiological thinking is mandatory for us! Leaving conventional paths is unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable, but it always leads to a lasting and excellent solution for our clients. And that is all that counts!



Not the journey is the reward, but the solution. For our customers, it does not matter which technology is used to solve their problem. As long as it is actually solved!

Hence, we make use of the complete spectrum of microbiological methods. By participation in several international and high-profile research projects, we are not only at the cutting edge of technology, but frequently ahead of it. This enables us to apply technologies for our customers today that will not even be talked about until tomorrow.


vermicon values - humanity

Even in the times of the internet and the online boom, real people meet real people. Seek success together. Find a solution together. At vermicon, we want to cooperate with our partners effectively. Which is only possible if a there is a frank and kind communication based on mutual trust. At our company, you always have a direct and friendly contact person taking care of your concern. Promised!