Wastewater bacteria

The Biocenosis as a Part of Process Analytics

The integration of direct systematic monitoring of the biocenosis allows for targeted action and provides information on the effectiveness of the measures taken. However, the self-monitoring of most wastewater treatment plants focuses rather on effluent values than on the underlying (micro)biological processes. This needs to change! Here you can find out why.

Wastewater and environmental protection

Our Mission

Advantage, safety, water quality, environmental protection – these are our guiding principles for modern wastewater management. Our mission: to establish a sustainable biological wastewater treatment which includes a systematic and continuous collection and evaluation of data and process optimization that takes the real biocenosis into account.

Prevention of Disturbances

Prevention of Disturbances

Discover how the monitoring of (micro)biological processes can be successfully integrated into a plant’s process analytics. Our annual monitoring concept is modular and can thus be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Continuity in the Monitoring of the Biocenosis

If analyses are only conducted selectively, e.g. when a problem has occurred, they do not provide sufficient data to achieve long-term process optimization. This is especially true when it comes to monitoring sensitive and complex systems such as the biocenosis of a wastewater treatment plant. Continuity in the analytical monitoring of microorganisms improves the data situation substantially, which eliminates uncertainties and enables targeted action. This promotes a lasting optimization of the entire process.

Our Promise

Advantage, safety, water quality, environmental protection - these are our guiding principles for the modern wastewater industry. Our mission is to establish sustainable biological wastewater treatment.


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Analytical advantage and economic efficiency (resources, costs, energy).

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Quality, confidence, operational safety, reliability and optimal effectiveness of measures taken.

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Water Quality

Excellent degree of purification, long-term process optimization, as well as improved effluent values and a substantial improvement of water quality.

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Environmental Protection

We are committed to active water protection by helping you to comply with legal regulations and goals on a national and international level.

Our Customers


„We have been loyal vermicon customers for many years. We use the test kit for Microthrix filamentous bacteria and the Nitri VIT® test kit for ammonia and nitrite oxidiziers. These applications are very well suited for monitoring and assessing problems and the resulting resolution of problems. We also use the tests to assess the biological activity. We recommend them at any time.“

S. Schneider, Laboratory Specialist at Stadtentwässerung Reutlingen

„With the VIT® method, many synergies and new possibilities are arising in the field of wastewater treatment, which one can be curious about.“

Raimund Schneider, Wastewater Manager at Stadtwerke Schramberg GmbH & Co. KG

"The VIT® Microthrix detection system used in the field of wastewater treatment enables us to initiate and terminate specific bulking sludge control measures. The support was convincing by fast and reliable assistance when plant-specific characteristics required a custom adaptation of the test kit."

Susanne Poddig, Laboratory Manager AZV Südholstein, Wastewater Treatment Plant Hetlingen

Partnership for Sustainable Development

vermicon AG is actively involved in research projects and cooperates with institutions and companies from all over the world to explore optimization potentials for industrial microbiology.