Fascinating solutions for microbiology

vermicon AG offers innovative and powerful solutions for industrial microbiology

Since its founding in 1997, our actions have been guided by our conviction that the conventional limitations of microbiology have to be broken out of in order to receive convincing results. Our goal is to successfully answer microbiological problems and a sustainable implementation of these answers into practice.

What does vermicon provide?

vermicon offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for fast and highly specific detection of microorganisms in industrial microbiology samples. Based on VIT® gene probe technology, solutions allowing for new and successful approaches in microbiology are constantly developed. 

In addition, microbiological consulting supports companies in their microbiology. In the case of microbiologically induced problems in an industrial process, the problem can be analyzed and resolved quickly via comprehensive approaches.

vermicon AG headquarters

Over 25 years of high-performance microbiology

In 2017, vermicon AG celebrated its 25th anniversary. Founded as a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich, Chair of Microbiology, the company has since provided successful and groundbreaking solutions in all fields of industrial microbiology. For over two decades, vermicon AG has been part of the evolution and revolution in microbiological detection technologies.

Certified Quality Management System

The Quality Management System of vermicon AG is certified according to the globally recognized GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Global network

Embedded in a global network of industrial partners and research facilities, vermicon AG is able find solutions swiftly and efficiently.

By working continuously in research projects, new services are developed and evaluated and current services measured by new challenges time and again. Latest scientific findings are examined for their practicability and pass through a rigorous challenge process before they are integrated into the established portfolio. Developing services and products with a direct benefit for our customers in the scope of these projects is our goal and our motivation.

Satisfied customers all over the world

All over the world, our partners use our solutions for support of their microbiology. Our customers come from all size categories: VIT® is used by global enterprises as well as regional small and medium-sized businesses. It does not matter whether they are production units, service laboratories or consulting companies - with VIT®, the optimal solution can always be found.

The vermicon Principle

The vermicon Principle

We do not put up with the microbiological shackles of the past and are passionate supporters of a holistic and direct microbiology.

The VIT® Technology

The VIT® Technology

Our core technology detects living bacteria directy, is independent of cultivation and provides completely new insights into your sample. Learn more about it!

VIT® Profiling

VIT® Profiling

Together with our clients, we solve even complex microbiological problems in industrial production workflows.