Improving the development and
production process of probiotic bacteria

Direct, modern microbiology. Identity, purity, stability and viability (LIVE/DEAD)
analysis directly in the sample.




Human health and probiotics

The microbiome ecosystem inhabiting the human body, known as the human microbiome or microbiota, contains a vast amount of genetic and functional diversity, exceeding that of our own genomes. The role that microbes play in the host’s essential life functions and in the etiology of diseases as well as the importance of the whole host ecosystem (the microbiome) for human health are now commonly recognized. Alterations in composition, relative abundances or constituents of the microbiota can lead to dysbiosis, ultimately causing a disease. Recent studies linked the so-called civilization diseases like heart disease, obesity, diabetes type II, asthma, allergies and osteoporosis to ecological imbalances of the microbial composition in the host.


The increasing commercial and clinical relevance of the topic led to the systematic development of products containing living microorganisms (probiotics) that aim to restore and maintain human health. But to influence the microbiome with the intention to maintain or improve health and to receive the desired results, a profound understanding of the microbiome–host relationship is needed.


Improved microbiological methods

vermicon supports pharmaceutical companies and developers of probiotics whenever a specific microbiological expertise, technological equipment or process optimization is needed.


  • Direct and rapid microbiology.
  • Patented FISH technologies, recognized by the European Pharmacopoeia.
  • GMP certified analysis methods.

LIVE/DEAD cell viability assays

  • Visualization directly in the sample.
  • Automation with flow cytometry.

Customized solutions

  • Individual solutions and test kit development.
  • Broad technology portfolio.
  • Process optimization.


  • Small team with flat hierarchies.
  • Innovative and experimental approach.
  • We are there for you whenever you need us.

If you need further assistance or have any questions related to our services and detection methods, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. We will be pleased to help you.

Development and quality control

The improved knowledge about the importance of the microbiome ecosystem in terms of health and disease has led to further method diversification of specific probiotic intervention approaches. Depending on the intended use, products containing live microorganisms may reach the market as a food, a food supplement or a drug. The borders between dietary supplements and drugs may seem very blurred, yet the regulatory difference is actually very clear: supplements are supposed to maintain or enhance a healthy state in a healthy or at-risk host; drugs (sometimes also known as Pharmabiotics or Live Biotherapeutic Products) are intended to cure or prevent a disease or pathophysiological state in an unhealthy or diseased host.

This rule is independent of the microbiological composition of the product. Whether they are categorized as food supplements or as drug types, probiotic therapies and products underline different regulations, in terms of efficiency and quality control of the final product.


Our customers


„The importance of bacteria for our health is becoming increasingly obvious. Probiotic drugs open up new avenues in the fight against civilization diseases such as allergies, respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal diseases. With this in mind, SymbioPharm GmbH is committed to consistently and continuously expanding all activities from research to the finished product, searching for new ways and finding unusual treatments.

For more than two decades, vermicon AG has been our accompanying, reliable partner in the research development and quality assurance of our products. With their innovative methods, microbiological know-how and professional way of working, we have found exactly the partner that complements us. The fast exchange with our direct contact person and the entire team in mutual trust is the guarantee for an uncomplicated and successful cooperation.“

Dr. Kurt Zimmermann, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), SymbioPharm GmbH

Microbiome research

Microbiome research

The human microbiome is a highly complex ecosystem. Products based on living microorganisms generally don’t work in a direct way, but interact in a multifactorial mode of action.

Live Biotherapeutics

Live Biotherapeutics

To ensure the efficacy and safety of Live Biotherapeutics, a deeper understanding of the relationship between the microbiome and the human health is needed.

Expertise and technology

Expertise and technology

vermicon supports pharmaceutical companies and developers of microbiome-based products whenever a specific microbiological expertise, technological equipment or process optimization is needed.