Analysis of biofilm populations with VIT®.

What are biofilms?

Biofilms are accumulations of bacteria embedded in a matrix. They are able to procreate and thus extend the biofilm. Microorganisms are also able to detach themselves from the biofilm and to enter the water flow again, where they can cause a persistent contamination.

The problem

The biofilm matrix protects microorganisms from inhibitors and toxins. Concurrently, they are constantly provided with nutrients. Thus, biofilms offer microorganisms ideal conditions for survival. For this reason, biofilms are extremely difficult to combat. In addition, most of these bacteria are non-cultivable and cannot be detected with conventional methods.

Biofilm formation

Analyzing biofilms with VIT®

Via VIT® gene probe technology, biofilms as well as bacteria, who frequently detach themselves from the biofilm again, can be analyzed. In case the existence of a biofilm is still unknown, this technology can help, via constant concentration measurements, to localize it in the first place.

A detailed analysis of the biofilm can help to find the cause of the problem, to target the biofilm and destroy it and to prevent its reappearance.