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Microorganisms can severely interfere with industrial processes, even though their influence is often not directly apparent. Consequently, when loss of quality is caused by contamination of the end product or when microbial metabolic activities have undesirable impact on chemical processes, the actual cause often remains hidden. Microorganisms can massively disrupt industrial processes and can contribute to the loss of entire production batches.


We offer a wide range of products, analysis systems and services. Our team can rely on many years of experience and will analyze the industrial processes at hand in close collaboration with your engineers. We will be happy to assist you in establishing a reliable microbiological quality assurance along the entire production chain.

Picture of an open test kit

VIT® Test Kits

Analyze your samples directly in your in-house laboratory – easily, reliably and with high specificity. Our test kits are the basis for a reliably quality control and complement each other perfectly. We will be happy to advise you on the compilation of a comprehensive monitoring system and the implementation of individual solutions.

Lab Services

Lab Services

Send us your sample – we will conduct the analysis. Our team of microbiologists and chemists helps you to find the right answers even to complex questions. Be it the direct detection of contaminants or the comprehensive analysis of biocenoses – you can be sure that we are personally and professionally committed to finding a quick answer to your question.

Consulting and Process Optimization

Consulting and Process Optimization

Which organisms are responsible for the disturbances? How can the current problem be remedied? How can malfunctions be prevented in the future? Thanks to our unique VIT® profiling, we can detect sources of contaminations in your company and analyze them holistically. In cooperation with you, processes can be improved and future disturbances avoided.

Bacteria and Biocenoses

Even in the beverage industry, individual bacteria are rarely solely responsible for a contamination. Frequently, they are part of a bacterial community. These are known as biocenoses and have to be analyzed and understood if the causes of a process disturbance are to be eliminated permanently. vermicon AG specializes in this kind of holistic analysis and, over more than two decades, has achieved outstanding success all over the world with its approach.


Our customers


"For several years now we have been able to depend on the reliable and fast analyses by vermicon. In case of questions, doubts or uncertainties help is always provided. The customer service is very good, which is not always a given in these times. For a fast and accurate Alicyclobacillus detection we can always rely on the VIT® detection kit."

Elisabeth Giacomelli, Quality Assurance, VOG Products

Beer Spoilage Organisms

With VIT®, beer spoilage organisms can be detected quickly and specifically. Inhibitors in the sample material do not have any impact. The bacterial cells remain intact during the analysis, which allows a clear attribution of the signals and a reliable quantification of the cells. Finished products as well as samples from all stages of the brewing process, including yeast propagation, can be analyzed.  

Fruit Juice and Mixed Beverages

For more than 20 years, companies worldwide have trusted in our expertise and the VIT® gene probe technology. Our customers include beverage producers, raw material suppliers, product testing companies and quality assurance institutes. Thanks to the fast and robust detection method, they have been able to achieve premium product quality as well as numerous financial and competitive advantages.

Mineral wells

The bottling of mineral water has the highest hygienic quality requirements for wells and bottling plants. VIT® reliably helps to meet the microbiological requirements.

Why VIT®?

The patented VIT® (vermicon identification technology) gene probe technology is the advanced form and industrial standard of the FISH technology (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization) for the detection of microorganisms. Only living bacteria are detected – swiftly, specifically and reliably.


VIT® technology is fast. The analysis can be carried out within only a few hours. Hands-on time: only a few minutes.


Only VIT® gene probe technology combines the speed of molecular biological methods with the specificity of direct microbiology.


VIT® has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of industrial microbiology. VIT® gene probes are highly specific for individual species or entire groups of bacteria.

GMP and ISO 9001 certified

Our quality management system is certified according to the requirements and guidelines of the globally acknowledged standards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) und ISO 9001:2015.