VIT® gene probe technology is perfectly suited for application in food samples of different stages of production in order to examine them for pathogenic bacteria.

Guarantee maximum quality with VIT®

Whether product spoilage microorganisms or desired microorganisms - in order to consistently achieve an optimal quality and safety in products, food microorganisms have to be monitored constantly.

In this endeavor, a microbiological analysis system that is up-to-date, efficient and reliable is vital. VIT® gene probe technology provides the opportunity to swiftly and specifically identify living microorganisms in all stages of production.

Analysis of sausage, meat and fish

Sausage, meat and fish

Analysis of milk and milk products

Milk and milk products

Analysis of starter cultures

Starter cultures

A multitude of applications

There is a wide range of possible applications for VIT® in any company. Due to its robustness it can be applied in all areas of production or storage.

Production processes

Production processes

By virtue of its speed, VIT® can be used to increase the efficiency of production processes while still meeting the highest hygienic standards.

In-process control

In-process control

VIT® can be applied directly in production processes in order to identify reject batches in time and avoid further costs.

Final product control

Final product control

Specifically and quickly, only relevant, living microorganisms are detected directly in the final product, which allows for safe and quick clearance decisions.