Sausage, Meat and Fish

VIT® gene probe technology and its application in the quality control of food-processing companies.

Pathogenic microorganisms

Food-processing companies require end product control to include analysis for several pathogenic microorganisms, e.g. salmonella, listeria, staphylococci and others. A highly specific detection is mandatory, as contaminated products pose direct health hazards to the consumer.

End product- and in-process control

Microbiological controls are required for the end product as well as during the process. In both cases, specificity is mandatory. In addition, quick detection can save valuable storage capacities or can, as an in-process control, help prevent production of any reject batches.

Analysis of sausage, meat and fish

Application of VIT®

VIT® gene probe technology is applied in the food industry as product and as a service. For companies with an in-house laboratory, products can be used for detection of the most significant pathogenic microorganisms. Alternatively, the sample can be sent in for analysis by vermicon AG.  

Most recommended VIT® test kits:

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