VIT® Microscope

 The VIT® Microscope: application-oriented and cost-effective

Affordable and efficient

Our VIT® Microscope is the specially adapted evaluation tool for our kits. Combined with our products, we can offer you a complete system for an easy and trouble-free analysis of your microbiological samples. With the VIT® Microscope you choose a reliable high-quality microscope perfectly matched to VIT® Kits – and all of this at an absolutely fair price.

Powerful microscopy reduced to the essential – convince yourself.

Ask us for suitable VIT® system packages consisting of the VIT® test kits, the VIT® microscope, the VIT® cam and the VIT® Vision software.


VIT® Microscope


trinocular microscope with 30W Halogen Koehler illumination
incl. 5 position nosepiece
objectives Plan achromat: 4x/0,10; 10x/0,25; 20x/0,40; 40x/0,66; 100x/1,25
oculars WF 10x20
condenser for bright field mode
2 VIT® adapted filter sets, mounted on a filter module (red and green or red and dual band)
100W HBO epifluorescence unit with 5-position filter wheel incl. centering objective
2 mercury vapor short-arc lamps HBO 100