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The future of modern biological wastewater treatment

Evolution of VIT® Vision

In order to achieve an optimal reliability of biological wastewater treatment plants, is it necessary to continuously integrate biological data in to the process management. With VIT® Vision, it is our goal to create a tool that allows to control the entire biology, i.e. microorganisms and higher forms of life, of a wastewater treatment plant and to use it as a data pool for a more efficient plant management. The focus on primary measurement parameters complements secondary measurement parameters and allows faster reactions and the establishment of an early warning system. To this end, VIT® Vision is going to be continuously developed and is going to be expanded according to our users’ feedback.

Primary Measurement Parameters

  • Information and data regarding the state and the distribution of bacteria populations in a plant. Primary parameters are also direct parameters. With their help, disturbances can be recognized at an early stage, even before chemical parameters react.

  • Determination of the exact cause possible

Secondary Measurement Parameters

  • Substances that are produced by bacteria and that can be measured afterwards or substances required by bacteria – e.g. ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate etc.
  • These are indirect parameters – the precise biological cause of a problem cannot be determined by their detection

Monitoring Abwasser

How can microbiological measurement data help you?

By integrating microbiological measurement data and comparing them with chemical and chemical-physical measurement data, an early warning system that informs you about the plant’s stability at any time can be established. Undesirable developments in the biology can be discovered even before discharge limit values are exceeded. This raises plant reliability to a new level.

VIT® Frühwarnsystem
VIT® Vision Overview

VIT® Vision Overview

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Up to Date

Up to Date

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