Modular Design

The VIT® Vision 1.13.1 provides three modules: Corona, Recording and VIT® Analysis. The VIT® Analysis module currently includes the VIT® key tool. The Recording module includes the Video and Image Recording and Measurement tools. In the Corona module, the results of the SARS-CoV-2 wastewater monitoring are displayed as a dashboard.


Corona module

The Corona module graphically displays the development of the monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater. In addition, the individual measurement result values (virus copies per mL of wastewater, 7-day incidence and corresponding virus mutation) can be found summarized in the data table.

The direct graphical comparison of the development of the viral load in the wastewater and the 7-day incidence value clearly demonstrates once again that wastewater monitoring has an advantage of approx. 2 weeks over diagnostic tests and can thus be successfully used as a corona early warning system.

VIT® Analysis

The VIT® Analysis module has been specifically designed for evaluation with VIT® test kits. For an optimal monitoring and development of solution approaches, the software offers the possibility of saving each analysis as an individual project, including any pictures and length measurements. In addition, the VIT® Key has been integrated to allow a quantification of bacteria present in the sample.


Tool: VIT® Key

The quantitative evaluation of bacteria present in the sample is performed with the help of the VIT® Key. It has been integrated into the module and allows for a quick determination of the VIT® value. Their quantification enables the user to monitor bacteria over a defined period of time. In doing so, the effectiveness of solution approaches at a plant can be evaluated. In addition, quantification can be used for monitoring plant stability (e.g. nitrifying bacteria).

VIT® Analysis

Image and Video Capture

Tool: Image Capture

Record your findings. Ingenious algorithms guarantee superior image quality. Automatic image enhancement and extremely fast live imaging mode make microscopic imaging a piece of cake.


Tool: Video Capture

The video module enables you to record video sequences for an efficient monitoring of e.g. ciliates. There is no restriction on video length. The currently recorded video can be displayed as live image. Video files are saved in the mp4 format.

VIT® recording module

Tool: Measurement

With this tool, length and size measurements in live and previously captured images can be documented. Scale and magnification details can be modified according to the individual user’s wishes.

VIT® Measurements
VIT® Vision Overview

VIT® Vision Overview

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Up to Date

Up to Date

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