VIT® Vision

The software for the biology of wastewater treatment plants

Software and Biology

With the help of VIT® Vision, a wastewater treatment plant’s entire biology can be detected and analyzed. Result can be subsequently implemented into its operative management in order to optimize operational safety.


In this case, "biology" encompasses higher organisms as well as the plant’s entire microbiology. After all, bacteria are the actual protagonists at a wastewater treatment plant, as their metabolism is responsible for the plant’s functionality. This software will assist you in your daily business and will even help you to monitor undesirable bacteria like e.g. filaments responsible for bulking sludge.

VIT Vision

What does VIT® Vision have to offer?

VIT® Vision allows an implementation of (micro)biological data into the overall monitoring of wastewater treatment plants. These data can originate from previously performed on-site analyses via VIT® gene probe technology as well as commissioned analyses. An aspect of particular importance is the combination of data and a comparison with existing empirical values. Even previously created biological profiles can be integrated into the software.


Live-imaging, video capture, length measurements, quantitative evaluation, data management and a telephonic support service. Learn more about the features VIT® Vision offers.

Software Features


VIT® Vision has a modular design and thus can be customized according to the specific requirements of an individual wastewater treatment plant. Learn more about the modules that are already available and their function.

More about Modules

System Requirements

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System requirements

Upgrade & License

With the limited edition master license, all of your software updates will be free of charge for 24 months.

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The VIT® Vision Project

The development of VIT® Vision is based on empirical values and in the demands of modern biological wastewater treatment plants. As a key point, we are putting emphasis on a constant evolution of the software in order to help our clients out of their bottleneck as best we can. To this end, new versions of VIT® Vision will be launched on a quarterly basis and will continuously expand the software’s skill set.

Your Advantages

  • Easy Quantification: Uncomplicated integration of quantitative results into the plant’s early warning system
  • Easy Data Management: Data import, customizable deposition of evaluation data, convenient documentation thanks to PDF reports
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Shifts in the bacteria populations can be detected even before chemical effluent paramenters indicate a problem. Countermeasures can be taken in a timely manner and can be monitored continuously
  • Early Detection of Changes: Perfect for implementation or expansion of VIT® early warning systems
  • Monitor Process Changes: Direct monitoring of process changes and their effects on the plant’s biology
  • Plant Stability Evaluation: Easy evaluation of a plant’s stability with the help of microbiological parameters
  • Optimized Operational Safety: Thanks to a holistic and continuous analysis and evaluation of microbiological and biological measurement data
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Up to Date

VIT® Vision is continuously expanded with new functions. New updates are available quarterly. Stay up to date, sign up for the VIT® Vision newsletter and don’t miss any update!

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The Vision of VIT® Vision

With the advancement of VIT® Vision, we are breaking new ground in the optimization of biological wastewater treatment plant. Our goal is to control the entire biology of a wastewater treatment plant with VIT® Vision and in doing so, to permanently increase the plant’s reliability.

Frequently asked Questions


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