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Direct microbiology in environmental analysis

LABO, 2017 - In the article "What is real? Direct microbiology in environmental analysis" Dr. Jiri Snaidr answers this question and describes several analysis methods that provide a realistic image of the microbial composition of a sample.

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For a changing world of microbial detection

forum news 27/2004 - After the impressive advances in the nineteenth century a new era of microbiology began and has lasted almost one century - the era of cultivation. Now a new era is about to start.

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Gene Probes for Detection of Microorganisms

LaborPraxis, 2001 - There is a huge variety of microorganisms and can hardly be detected with conventional methods. For the first time, a new analysis method allows to detect any species or group of of bacteria – quickly, specificly and directly in the sample examined.

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