Process water

VIT® for one-of-a-kind and comprehensive control of industrial process flows.

Contaminated process flows

Water-based industrial process flows can be contaminated with microorganisms. This can lead to a significant loss of quality in the end product. In the worst case, the end product becomes unusable. Contaminations with microorganisms are an issue in all industrial sectors, be it food industry, beverage industry, water industry, automotive industry etc.

Locating contaminations

Locating microbial contaminations in process water while only using the means of conventional microbiology is a difficult or frequently impossible task. Many bacteria do not grown on artificial media and are, for this reason, undetectable. Nevertheless, they are present in the process flow and diminish product quality.

Identify the causes with VIT®

With VIT® gene probe technology, microbial contaminations in process flows can be identified and quantified. What's more, the problem's cause can be located by tracing of the contaminations and can subsequently be eliminated.

Hence, VIT® represents a modern tool which can finally be applied for a comprehensive analysis of industrial and microbially induced problems.

VIT® Profiling

For VIT® Profiling, VIT® is applied in combination with other microbiological methods in order to track microbial contamination flows and locate their causes. With this method, which is unqiue worldwide, microbiological problems in the industrial sector can be identified and solved comprehensively and holistically.

Frequently, an application of VIT® Profiling can also be beneficial if it is still unclear whether microorganisms are in fact responsible. In many cases, at first sight and with conventional methods it is not evident that the problems have arisen due to microbial contaminations. Thus, VIT® Profiling and its independence from cultivability helps to clarify matters quickly.