Starter Cultures

Check and montitor starter cultures quickly and specifically with VIT®

Microorganisms welcome

Microbial starter cultures are applied in order to influence a product microbially in a targeted manner. Starter cultures can be used in several different areas of food production, like e.g. yoghurt, cheese or curdled milk. Starter cultures are available as pure cultures or as defined mixed cultures.

Certainty at last

With VIT®, you can finally make sure that you are using exactly the starter cultures you need. Even after application, continuous monitoring can rule out uncontrolled and undesired developments. This means a safe production process and economic advantages by prevention of reject batches.

VIT® Services

Analysis of starter culture populations

Due to its complexitiy, we offer analysis of starter culture populations preferentially as a service in the vermicon laboratories. For basic detection of starter cultures, kits, which can be applied directly on-site in the manufacturing plant, are also avaliable. Individual development of detection kits tailored to the customer's specific needs is also possible and is processed quickly and professionally.

Conclusive reports and timely support

Using tables and images, our reports on the monitoring of starter cultures show impressively how starter culture populations have developed in your product. In addition, we are happy to support you with our VIT® profiling when it comes to streamlining production processes.


Purity of starter cultures


Starter cultures can be examined for purity with VIT®. Contamination becomes apparent immediately and production can be stopped before a costly reject batch is produced.

Growth of starter cultures


The growth of starter cultures can be precisely analysed and tracked with VIT®. In this way, the possibility of faulty batches can be excluded.

Populations in starter cultures


The share of different populations in a (mixed) starter culture can be determined with VIT®, including the ratio of starter cultures to the remaining bacteria.