For a changing world

For a changing world of microbial detection. After the impressive advances in the nineteenth century a new era of microbiology began and has lasted almost one century - the era of cultivation. Now a new era is about to start.


Today we know that due to the complexity of the microbiological populations the majority of bacteria can not be cultivated. The populations interact continuously and are equipped with the ability to use a huge range of nutrients. This is almost impossible to copy. And it explains the failure of today’s microbiology to provide cultivation media for most of the bacterial species… This new situation led to a complete rethink regarding new technologies for the identification of bacteria. Whereas the development of these new technologies for detecting micro-organisms was previously seen as “nice to have”, it now became a necessity in order to prevent medical patients and food consumers from being harmed. Additionally, two further facts added to the situation: Firstly, consumers were becoming more and more aware of the possible danger that contaminated food can pose for their health. And secondly, the demand of a growing human population and high economical pressure changed the needs for industrial production processes.

The VIT® technology makes it possible to detect nearly 99,9% of all bacteria, regardless of whether they are cultivable or non-cultivable.

Publication language: English


Dr. Jiri Snaidr (2004): VIT® - a new technology for a changing world of microbial detection. In: forum news, Campden & Chorleywood Food. Research. Association Group, No. 27/2004.