Scan VIT® Technologie

Scan VIT®: artificial intelligence for microbiology

Direct, specific, quantitative and automated detection of single cells.

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Flow VIT® Solution

Die Flow VIT®  Solution

Fast, specific, objectiv - the innovative flow cytometry-based detection
system for microbiological quality control.

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Analysis of bacteria in wastewater

Microbiology of wastewater

The direct look into the microbiology of wastewater allows the detection and fighting of malfunctions just in time.

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Detection of microorganisms in drinks

Microbiology of drinks

VIT® for drinks allows highest microbial safety in drinks.

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The new Scan VIT® system

vermicon AG presents the new Scan VIT® system for analysis and quantification of microorganisms in liquid samples. Due to its extremely high sensitivity of only 1 cell per sample volume and the artificial intelligence-based VIT® Vision software, single cells can be specifically identified and quantified - directly, automatically and without time-consuming cultivation. […]

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Flow VIT® Technology

The „Flow VIT® Solution“ detection system, a combination of flow cytometry and gene probe technology, allows for a fast, highly specific and automated evaluation of microbiological analyses. […]

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20 Jahre vermicon - Newsletter and Anniversary

20 Years of vermicon - Celebrate with us!

This year, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! Look forward to brand new, innovative and highly specific solutions for microbiology. Stay tuned and watch us reshape the future of industrial microbiology.

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Direct Microbiology

After more than 100 years of conventional microbiology, it is time to venture into new terrain. vermicon shows the paths microbiology could take. The direct view into the sample - without detours and without complicated indirect methods.

New microbiology – fast and straightforward.

The vermicon principle

There are test kit manufacturers. There are microbiological laboratories. And there is vermicon, refusing to be pressed into any existing pigeonholes. For 20 years we have been cooperating globally with satisfied customers from all industrial sectors and provide first-class results.
Our customers call them excellent results by a reliable partner. We call it "the vermicon principle".

20 Years of Innovation, Quality, Specificity

vermicon has turned 20! For our subsequent anniversary year, we have prepared a lot of novelties.
We will show you where modern microbiology is heading.


Detect beverage spoilers even faster and with less effort – with Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus. This new test kit has been specifically developed to be used with a VIT® adapted flow cytometer. Thanks to optimized VIT® gene probes and its automated evaluation, this new analysis method offers speed and maximum specificity.

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Company  10/09/2017

Anniversary: 20 years of vermicon

vermicon AG has turned 20. In order to honor this birthday, we are celebrating an anniversary year in which brand new, innovative and highly specific solutions for microbiology will be introduced continuously. […]

Company  01/09/2017

New Office in Hamburg

vermicon AG has opened a new office in Hamburg. Combined with our headquarters in Munich, this creates a north-south axis that will help us to support you even better in the future. […]

Wall calender 2018 bacteria

Glimpses of distant worlds

In the course of our daily work with the VIT® gene probe technology, we frequently come across surprising and simply beautiful constellations of microorganisms. We would love to share these glimpses with you.

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Our workshops convey cutting-edge know how by a well-balanced mix of theory and practice as well as insight into your own samples.



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Detection of microorganisms

Even today detection of microorganisms is still mostly based on cultivation of bacteria with artificial nutrient media. The major drawback of this approach, however, is a low specificity and an often long time-to-result. Most samples contain a frequently very large proportion of non-cultivable bacteria, which can not be detected with traditional methods. In many samples, up to 99% of all bacteria remain undetected by conventional technologies.

For this reason, vermicon AG relies on VIT® gene probe technology for the detection of microorganisms. This technology has been developed by vermicon and is the industrial standard of the FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) technology.

Detection of microorganisms
with cultivation

  • no detection of non-cultivable microorganisms

  • slow

  • non-specific

  • indirect: needs cultivation media

Detection of microorganisms
with VIT®

  • also detection of non-cultivable microorganisms

  • fast

  • highly-specific

  • Application directly in the sample

VIT® also identifies non-cultivable microorganisms, is reliable and highly specific. Analysis results are available within a very short time. Thus, clearance decisions can be made swiftly. And the fact that VIT® detects only living microorganisms ensures that analysis results are relevant and practical.

For 20 years, VIT® has been applied by companies all over the world for successful and reliable detection of microorganisms. Bacteria, yeasts and moulds are successfully identified and quantified with VIT® products and VIT® services in the sectors of food, beverages, water, wastewater and pharmaceuticals.


vermicon AG

Since 1997, vermicon AG from Munich has been offering solutions for microbiology. Founded as a spin-off of the Chair of Microbiology of the Technical University of Munich, it supplies products and services for industrial microbiology, based on its proprietary platform technology VIT®.

Always focussed on a direct form of microbiology, vermicon breaks the shackles of conventional microbiology and concentrates on providing swift and highly specific solutions for its partners and customers.

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