Gene Probes for Detection of Microorganisms

There is a huge variety of microorganisms and can hardly be detected with conventional methods. For the first time, a new analysis method allows to detect any species or group of of bacteria – quickly, specificly and directly in the sample examined.


This publication introduces VIT® gene probe technology. Compared to the conventional method, VIT® takes a completely different approach. Gene probes are extremely small pieces of the genetic substance DNA. They can be designed to specifically bind to defined target structures in living bacteria cells. There are target structures or markers that a typical for an individual species of bacteria, but there are also markers that are typical for an entire group of bacteria. The advantages of this method are speed, reliability, extremely high specificity and the fact that the microorganisms are identified, quantified and visualized directly in the sample. VIT® technology can be applied in all fields of industrial microbiology.

Publication language: German


Dr. Jiri Snaidr (2001): Gensonden zum Nachweis von Mikroorganismen. In: LaborPraxis, Vogel Life Science Medien GmbH & Co. KG, Ausgabe Nr.7/8-2001.