Comprehensive microbiological consulting

VIT® Profiling offers a lot more than just pure consulting. Contamination flows in industrial processes are uncovered, eliminated and prevented in the future. A unique approach by vermicon.

Microorganisms in industrial processes

Microorganisms can disturb industrial processes gravely, even when their influence is frequently not obvious. The true cause of losses in product quality due to contamination of the end product or undesired effects of microbial physiological activity on chemical processes often remains hidden. The search for the needle in the haystack is frequently unsuccessful, if performed with conventional means.


This is the issue addressed by VIT® Profiling. This solution combines cutting-edge microbiology with process engineering data in a unique way and, in doing so, enables a comprehensive understanding of the entire system. The application of VIT® gene probe technology guarantees independence from cultivability of microorganisms. On this basis, individual strategies for elimination and prevention of malfunctions can be developed.

Microorganisms in industrial processes

A holistic approach

VIT® Profiling offers much more than just consulting. Our team consisting of microbiologogists and chemicists can rely on long-standing experience in industrial microbiology and will analyze related technical processes in close cooperation with the client company's engineers. The combination with microbiological findings gained with VIT® gene probe technology results in a comprehensive image providing information about the individual causes of a malfunction. Especially complex and interdisciplinary problems inaccessible with conventional methods can be solved in this way.

Our analyses provide you with the following information:

1. Which microorganisms are responsible for the malfunctions?

2. How can the current malfunction be resolved?

3. How can malfunctions be prevented in the future?

The advantages of VIT® Profiling:

Conventional methods

  • in many samples only 1 % of all bacteria are cultivable

  • indirect approach

  • one-dimensional analysis

  • inflexible, limited course of action

  • undirected, time-consuming analysis methods

VIT® Profiling

  • independent of cultivation - detects up to 100% of all bacteria

  • detection via VIT® gene probe technology in situ, directly in the sample

  • spatial and temporal correlation is possible (4D-Microbiology)

  • holistic, cutomized microbiological solution finding

  • targeted, fast results