Flow VIT®

Flow VIT® technology is based on the reliable VIT® gene probe technology. This analysis technique has been specifically developed for use with flow cytometers and allows a fast, highly specific and automated analysis of microbiological samples.

How does Flow VIT® work?

Maximum specificity and speed make the Flow VIT® technology stand out. The reason for this lies in specifically programmed VIT® (VIT® = vermicon identification technology) gene probes, which bind to target structures within the corresponding living microorganisms directly in the sample material. The automated evaluation of results is performed with a special VIT® adapted flow cytometer and takes only a few mintues. With Flow VIT® technology, microbiological quality control is raised to a new level.

Flow VIT® technology - workflow
Specificity of Flow VIT®


The Flow VIT® technolgy has been specifically developed to meet the requirement of industrial microbiology. VIT® gene probes are highly specific for individual species or whole groups of microorganisms. The design of the gene probes and their highly specific and reliable application concentrates all of our know how from 20 years of research and development in the field of gene probe technology.

Speed of Flow VIT®


Thanks to the Flow VIT® test kits, which are extremely easy to use and have a radically simplified workflow consisting of only a few steps, and the automated evaluation with the aid of the flow cytometer CyFlow® Cube 6, results are available within a very short time.

Objectivity of Flow VIT®


Due to the use of flow cytometry, evaluation is no longer affected by „the human factor“. Target cells shining due to VIT® are detected and evaluated quickly and reliably.

Flow VIT® Solution

The Flow VIT® Solution is the ideal combination of flow cytometry and VIT® gene probe technology. The detection system consists of specific Flow VIT® test kits and the VIT® adapted flow cytometer CyFlow® Cube 6. Its components are perfectly matched to each other and combine the specificity and speed of the VIT® gene probe technology with the convenient and reliable evaluation of flow cytometers.

The Flow VIT® Solution detection system has been created in close cooperation with Sysmex. Sysmex Partec GmbH, a subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation, has been developing modern, high-performance flow cytometers for about 50 years and, as a global expert and market leader, has pioneered the establishment of this measurement technology. Combining VIT® technology with flow cytometry raises microbiological quality control to the highest level and paves the way for a fast and cost-effective microbiological monitoring of production processes.

Flow VIT® Solution - vermicon und Sysmex CyFlow® Cube 6

Your Advantages

  • maximum specificity

  • fast and safe release decisions

  • radically simplified VIT® workflow

  • detection of different species of bacteria in parallel

  • high sensitivity

  • automated read-out of results

  • dependable results even with difficult samples

  • only living microorganisms are detected

  • perfectly suited for routine analyses

  • easy to use

Where can Flow VIT® be applied?

The Flow VIT® Solution can be employed in all market sectors and fields of application of industrial microbiology. The first application for beverage production, Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus, is now available on the market and allows manufacturers in the beverage industry to detect the microbial causes of off-flavors quickly and reliably. This increases the quality of beverage products and helps to avoid economically damaging product recalls.

vermicon AG and Sysmex Europe GmbH are working together to establish the Flow VIT® Solution as key technology for industrial microbiology. New applications will be available soon.

Marktet sectors

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Process water
  • Pharmaceuticals

Fields of application

  • Final product control
  • In-process control
  • Research and development
  • Specific identifications
  • Quality management
Flow VIT® Anwendungsfelder

Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus

11. Oktober 2017 - Detect beverage spoilers even faster and with less effort – with Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus. This new test kit has been specifically developed to be used with a VIT® flow cytometer. Thanks to optimized VIT® gene probes and its automated evaluation, this new analysis method offers speed and maximum specificity. […]

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Partnership with Sysmex

11. September 2017 - vermicon AG und Sysmex announce the start of an international business partnership. For several years, Sysmex Partec GmbH, Sysmex Europe GmbH and vermicon AG have been cooperating closely with the goal of creating new microbiological solutions by combining flow cytometry and the gene probe technology VIT®. […]

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