Impact of E. coli genotypes on IBS

Understanding the individual and the combined impact of the genotypes in the host.


Symbioflor2® is a probiotic product composed of six Escherichia coli genotypes, which has a beneficial effect on irritable bowel syndrome. Our objective was to understand the individual impact of each of the six genotypes on the host, together with the combined impact of the six in the compound Symbioflor2®. Gnotobiotic mice were mono-associated with one of the six genotypes or associated with the compound product. Ileal and colonic gene expression profiling was carried out, and data were compared between the different groups of gnotobiotic mice, along with that obtained from conventional (CV) mice and mice colonized with the probiotic E. coli Nissle 1917. We show that Symbioflor2® genotypes induce intestinal transcriptional responses involved in defense and immune mechanisms. Using mice associated with Symbioflor2®, we reveal that the product elicits a balanced response from the host without any predominance of a single genotype. The Nissle strain and the six bacterial genotypes have different effects on the intestinal gene expression, suggesting that the impacts of these probiotics are not redundant. Our data show the effect of the Symbioflor2® genotypes at the molecular level in the digestive tract, which further highlights their beneficial action on several aspects of intestinal physiology.

Publication language: English


Escribano-Vazquez, U., Beimfohr, C., Bellet, D., Thomas, M., Zimmermann, K., Langella, P., & Cherbuy, C. (2020). Symbioflor2® Escherichia coli Genotypes Enhance Ileal and Colonic Gene Expression Associated with Mucosal Defense in Gnotobiotic Mice.

Microorganisms, 8(4), 512.