Webinar: VIT® SafeGuard

Efficient system control, optimisation of the degradation
performance and prevention of malfunctions through the integration
of process engineering and microbiological parameters.

Dates and registration

In the VIT® SafeGuard webinar, you will learn how the combination of microbiology and process engineering takes wastewater treatment to a new level. Practical examples will show how the stability, efficiency and treatment performance of biological wastewater treatment plants can be optimized by monitoring microbiology in a targeted manner and incorporating microbiological data into the process engineering control system.

Upcoming dates: tbd.
Time: 2:00 pm (CET)
Duration: 60 minutes + Q&A session

Dr. Jiri Snaidr
(vermicon AG, CEO and expert for wastewater biocoenosis)

Dr. Claudia Beimfohr
(vermicon AG, CTO and expert in applied wastewater microbiology)

Stefan Köhler
(H2Ortner, expert in process engineering for wastewater treatment)

Platform: Zoom Webinar

Why take part?

  • Expand your knowledge of the key role of biocoenosis in biological wastewater treatment.

  • Learn about VIT® SafeGuard, the ground-breaking monitoring system that combines microbiology and process engineering.

  • Learn first-hand about practical application examples and success stories.

  • Ask your questions directly to our experts in the interactive Q&A session.

  • Get an outlook on future developments in wastewater treatment.


  • SESSION 1: What is VIT® SafeGuard? (Dr Jiri Snaidr, vermicon AG)
    Introduction to the monitoring system and outlook on the future of wastewater treatment.
  • SESSION 2: Microbiological monitoring with VIT® SafeGuard (Dr Jiri Snaidr, vermicon AG)
    Insights into the composition and functionality of the biocenosis in biological wastewater treatment plants. Understanding the interactions between microbiological and process engineering aspects.
  • SESSION 3: Process engineering monitoring with VIT® SafeGuard (Stefan Köhler, H2Ortner)
    Integration of microbiological and process engineering data for comprehensive monitoring.
  • SESSION 4: VIT® SafeGuard in the practice (Dr Claudia Beimfohr, vermicon AG and Stefan Köhler, H2Ortner)
    Presentation of real case studies in which VIT® SafeGuard was used. Successes and positive effects on the stability and efficiency of wastewater treatment plants

The webinar will end with an interactive Q&A session, providing space for open questions, in-depth discussions and dialogue on specific topics.

Who is the webinar suitable for?

  • Sewage treatment plant attendants and laboratory managers
  • Specialists from the wastewater industry
  • Those interested in innovative wastewater solutions


Take this opportunity to expand your expertise and learn from leading experts in the field. Register now and be part of this exciting event!

Microbiology meets process engineering

VIT® SafeGuard is the result of the close cooperation between vermicon AG and H2Ortner, which offers a combination of microbiological and process engineering expertise. By combining microbiological measurement data with process engineering measurement data and parameters, we can establish an early warning system that provides information about the stability of the wastewater treatment plant at all times. Deviations or undesirable developments in the biology are recognised even before discharge values have been exceeded. This increases operational safety to a new level and sustainably optimizes treatment performance.

vermicon AG

vermicon AG

With over 25 years of systematic experience in the key aspects of biological wastewater treatment, vermicon AG has unique microbiological expertise in this field. Thanks to the patented VIT® gene probe technology, we enable the direct visualization, identification and quantification of microorganisms in wastewater samples.



H2Ortner GmbH has specialised in problem solutions in the field of chemical and biological wastewater treatment for around 20 years. The company has an interdisciplinary team of dedicated chemists, environmental technicians and process engineers.

VIT® SafeGuard

VIT® SafeGuard

VIT® SafeGuard is the monitoring system for biological wastewater treatment. The microbiologists at vermicon AG work closely with the engineers at H2Ortner to compare microbiological, chemical and process engineering values and determine the resulting recommendations for action.