Glimpses of distant worlds

Wall calendar 2018

Microorganisms are among the tiniest living beings on earth and are thus more or less invisible to humans. However, in spite of or rather because of their small size, they are part of a fascinating microcosm.

Aristotle’s quote: “Amazement is the beginning of science” is our constant companion because in the course of our daily work with the VIT® gene probe technology, we repeatedly come across surprising and simply beautiful constellations of microorganisms. We would love to share these glimpses with you.

You can order the vermicon wall calendar for 2018 for a nominal charge (15 € for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, 20 € for all other EU member states and 45 € for USA and third countries). The charge already includes shipping costs.

Size: DIN B3, 13 pages.

vermicon Bildkalender 2018 - Einblicke in ferne Welten