Scan VIT®

The revolutionary microbiological system for a specific, quantitative and automated single cell detection.

A revolution in microbiology

Up to now, microbiology meant being dependent on cultivation. Even a lot of modern methods require a pre-enrichment step. The speed propagated for modern methods, however, is almost always achieved at the expense of specificity. In addition, the detection limit is usually significantly above 1.000 cells per mL.

Scan VIT® is revolutionizing microorganism detection:

  • Firstly – detection takes a maximum of 4 hours (sampling to result).
  • Secondly - detection is highly specific.
  • Thirdly - detection is independent from cultivation, individual cells are analyzed directly.
  • And fourthly – its sensitivity is 1 cell per sample volume, which can usually amount to up to 100 mL or, depending on the sample material, even larger volumes.


All of the experience gathered over 20 years of our company’s activity in industrial microbiology went into the long years of development work for this disruptive technology.

Scan VIT® Sensitivity


1 cell per filtration volume. No pre-enrichment required.

Scan VIT® Speed


Max. 3-4 hours from sampling to a complete quantitative evaluation of the entire sample volume.ns.

Scan VIT® Specificity


Every single cell present in the sample is detected with high specificity and evaluated.

Specific and quantitative detection of single cells

With a detection limit of 1 cell per sample volume, the new Scan VIT® technology is the long-awaited, necessary revolution in microbiology! Whenever liquid samples have to be tested for microorganisms, a statement about the presence, number and kind of microorganisms in the entire sample volume can be made within a maximum of 3-4 hours. For with the new Scan VIT®, single cells in up to 100 mL sample volume can be detected without cultivation, quantitatively and with high specificity. Hence, the new Scan VIT® can be applied in the beverage sector as well as with drinking or process water – basically, wherever microorganisms have to be detected in liquid matrices. Whether in end product control, control of raw materials or in process control – applying Scan VIT® quickly provides maximum safety.

The advantages

  • Detection of single cells
  • No cultivation/pre-enrichment required
  • Highly specific: cells are identified
  • Extremely high sensitivity: 1 cell per sample volume
  • Up to 100 ml sample volume can be analyzed
  • Also applicable for sample volumes > 100 ml
  • Absolute quantification: every single cell is detected
  • Completely automated scan of the entire volume within a maximum of 2 hours
  • Intelligent signal and cell recognition due to artificial intelligence
  • High-performance VIT® Vision Software for scan control and evaluation

Technological development

The new Scan VIT® system consists of three fundamental technological components:

1. VIT® gene probe technology:
2. The Scan VIT® scanner:

3. VIT® Vision:

reliable, tried and tested, scientifically valid and highly specific

extremely fast, automated scanning of the sample volume

artificial intelligence for automated evaluation of completed scans


The incentive for this disruptive innovation was our ambition to be able to provide our customers with a technology that is able to reliably detect a single cell in a large sample volume specifically and quantify it absolutely. As a result, contaminations can be detected even faster and with higher accuracy.

Scan VIT® Revolution

How does Scan VIT® work?

The Scan VIT® technology is used for analysis and absolute quantification of microorganisms in liquid samples. In contrast to conventional methods, the new Scan VIT® method is characterized by an extremely high sensitivity, with a detection limit of only 1 cell per sample / filtration volume. Consequently, pre-enrichment of the sample is no longer required.

The analysis workflow is simple and short. A defined liquid volume is filtrated and hybridized with the specifically programmed VIT® gene probes. The gene probes bind with high specificity to the individual microorganisms. The filter is scanned sequentially and automatically with the Scan VIT® scanner. Scan control and evaluation of received signals is performed by the VIT® Vision software. With the aid of artificial intelligence, microorganisms are identified specifically and quantified reliably.

Max. 4 hours pass between sampling and results. The evaluation time for positive samples is even shorter.

Scan VIT® Workflow

Artificial intelligence

The VIT® Vision software is the centerpiece of the new, patented Scan VIT® technology. In order to make the ultra-fast, highly specific analysis and evaluation possible, we have programmed a completely new software with a powerful learning algorithm. Due to its integrated artificial intelligence, VIT® Vision recognizes labelled cells specifically and is able to differentiate them from the background. In order to perfect the software’s ability for highly specific cell recognition, several years and around one million learning scans have been invested in the development of the algorithm.

VIT® Vision’s learning algorithm is based on the principles of artificial intelligence. The system learns autonomously how best to recognize a cell specifically!

VIT® Vision Software Artificial Intelligence

The Scan VIT® products

The first product able to use the entire power of the new Scan VIT® technology is Scan VIT® E.coli/Coliforms (available in: 2018). It allows to test samples for the presence of Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria in a very short time.

In sample volumes of up to 100 mL or more, even a single cell is detected. Identification and quantification of the entire sample is fully completed after max. 4 hours.

New products are already being developed. In the next weeks and months, new products for application with the new Scan VIT® technology will continuously be made available to our customers.

Scan VIT® M-Version

The Scan VIT® technology can also be evaluated manually with a VIT®-adapted fluorescence microscope. Scan VIT® (M) test kits allow identification and absolute quantification of microcolonies. The analysis is easy to perform and takes only a few minutes.

You are interested in microscopic evaluation with the Scan VIT® technology?
The following products are already available:

Scan VIT® (M) Legionella
Scan VIT® (M) E. coli/ Coliforms 
Scan VIT® (M) Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Scan VIT® (M) Ballast Water Enterococcus/E. coli
Scan VIT® (M) Ballast Water Vibrio cholerae



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Scan VIT® (M) test kits





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