serviceplus - the complete package for services


In order to make the ordering process even faster and simpler for our clients, we have developed the serviceplus package. For you as a client this means that time-consuming discussions and sampling preparations can be reduced. Order a service as serviceplus and you will receive everything that is required for sampling and the return shipment ready-to-use.

serviceplus results from a consistent implementation of the vermicon concept of making cutting-edge, high-performance microbiology accessible to a broad group of users in a modern and convenient way. 

serviceplus - das Komplettpaket für Dienstleistungen

The way serviceplus works is simple:

serviceplus workflow

Stop wasting time worrying about how to take a sample and how to ship it!
The all-round package serviceplus is available for the majority of our services.

The benefits of serviceplus

  • complete sampling kit with re-usable shipping box and sampling manual 

  • can be ordered ahead, perfect for recurring samples

  • the sampling kit can be passed on, which allows for an easy separation between purchaser and user