MIS Analysis, partial (YI)

Specific identification of yeasts by partial 26S rDNA sequence analysis

Item Number: 01350003

Partial sequence analysis for yeasts

Sequence analysis of a 26S rDNA gene (D1/D2 region) fragment. Detected sequences are evaluated with public data bases and similarity values to closely related species are reported.

Qualitative or quantitative detection?
Qualitative analysis

Which method is applied?
Sequence analysis

Which requirements are important?
Be sure to specify the intended culture analysis (bacteria, yeasts or moulds detection) on your sample data sheet. MIS may only be applied to pure cultures. Moreover, please note that vermicon AG may only accept biological material of BIO security level I and II.

Pure cultures:
enrichment bouillon (10 ml) or colonised agar plate.

DNA: high molecular purified DNA

Mixed cultures/environmental samples:
sample isolation and purification may be provided subject to surcharge. Please request service charging offer.


Alternatively, an analysis of the complete 18S rDNA gene is also available for yeast identification: MIS Analysis (YI).

Identification of microorganisms via sequence analysis.


  • highly precise and phylogenetically based identification
  • highest specificity