Bacteria, general

Gene probe-base detection of individual species, genera or groups of bacteria, according to the customer‘s requirements

Item Number: 01220017

Qualitative lab analysis of bacteria in food samples

You need the detection of a certain bacterial genus, species or a whole group of bacteria directly in sample material? No problem. Name the bacteria and we will screen our extensive gene probe data base for a fitting gene probe. With this gene probe we analyze food-, process- or product samples for the presence of this bacterium. The detection is carried out directly in the sample material without pre-enrichment if possible.

Please let us know which special bacterium is interesting for you.

Results will be provided as soon as possible, normally 1–3 working days after sample receipt. Representative photo documentation that shows the bacteria in the sample material are prepared.

Qualitative or quantitative detection?

Which method is applied?
The reliable VIT® gene probe technology.

Which requirements are important?
Product and raw material samples:

  • Food and process samples, minimum 100 g
  • Raw materials, minimum 100 g
  • Silage, minimum 100 g


Please also take note of our MIS analyses for identification of bacteria, yeast and mould.


  • specific detection of certain bacteria directly in sample material
  • even in mixtures with other bacteria or yeasts the certain bacterium is analyzed reliably
  • detection of living cells exclusively
  • incomparably fast analysis time
  • highest specificity