Sterility test

Sterility testing of different sample materials (quantitative)

Item Number: 01220018

Microbiological process chain control

Without pre-enrichment the sample is analyzed with specific VIT® gene probes for all living bacteria and the sterility is tested. Hereby it is also excluded explicitly that eventually viable but not cultivable bacteria exist in the sample. In combination with the detection of the total cell amount (living and dead) per g or ml a significant state of the sample is ascertained. The detection is carried out in raw materials, food samples, process samples, water samples and the like.

Results will be provided as soon as possible, normally 1–3 working days after sample receipt.

Which method is applied?
The reliable VIT® gene probe technology.

Which requirements are important?
Product and raw material samples:

  • Food and process samples, minimum 100 g
  • Raw materials, minimum 100 g
  • Water samples, minimum 100 ml


Also take note of our MIS analyses for identification of bacteria, yeast and mould.


  • specific detection of all living bacteria in sample material
  • quantification of eventually existing living bacteria
  • determination of total cell amount (living and dead)
  • extremly fast analysis time