Activity measurement of microorganisms

Activity measurement of certain bacteria or yeasts in food- and product samples (without cultivation, quantitative).

Item Number: 01220016

Microbiological control of the process chain

With the specific VIT® gene probes a multiplicity of bacteria and yeasts is detected either specifically or as global parameter directly (without pre-enrichment) in samples.

Additionally the activity of the detected microorganisms is monitored and reported and a quantitative indication of the total cell amount (living and dead) per g or per ml is carried out. The detection is carried out in raw materials, food samples, process samples, pure cultures, fermentations and the like.

Name the microorganism and we will screen our gene probe data base for a fitting gene probe. With this gene probe we analyze the activity of the microorganism in food- or product samples. Please let us know which special bacterium is interesting for you.

Results will be provided soon as possible, normally 1–3 days after sample receipt. Relevant photo documentation that shows the bacterium in the sample material are prepared.

Which method is applied?
The reliable VIT® gene probe technology.

Which requirements are important?
Product and raw material samples:

  • Food and process samples, minimum 100 g
  • Raw materials, minimum 100 g


Also take note of our MIS analyses for identification of bacteria, yeast and mould.


  • specific activity measurement of certain microorganisms directy in products or sample material
  • microorganisms are detected safely also in mixtures with other bacteria
  • total cell count (living and dead) quantitatively
  • incomparably fast operational time
  • highest specificity