VIT® early warning system

The VIT® early warning system covers all significant issues in a wastewater treatment plant. It helps with achieving maximum operational safety.

Comprehensive solution

With the VIT® early warning system, vermicon offers a comprehensive solution for all biological wastewater treatment plants. The system consists of products and services and can be configured according to the customer's or the plant's specific needs.

Two decades of research

The VIT® early warning system is the result of two decades of wastewater research with a practical orientation and provides solutions for all significant microbiological issues at modern biological wastewater treatment plants.

VIT® early warning system

Bavarian Environmental Treaty

The VIT® early warning system is part of the Bavarian Environmental Treaty (Bayerischer Umweltpakt). In the fall of 2015, the Environmental Treaty was signed with the Bavarian state government, with the VIT® early warning system being part of it. By increasing the operational safety of wastewater treatment plants, the VIT® early warning system makes a valuable contribution and ensures environmental sustainability.

Segments of the VIT® early warning sys