Juices, concentrates and sweet beverages

Alicyclobacillus, fermentative yeasts and other spoilage bacteria can cause significant economic damage. Modern quality control has to ensure that these organisms can be detected quickly, specifically and reliably.


Alicyclobacilli are commonly occurring beverage-spoiling microorganisms. Sensoric faults (aseptic smell) in beverages caused by members of the genus Alicyclobacillus, especially A. acidoterrestris and the resulting economic losses are enormous. 

Fermentative yeasts

Obligate and potentially fermentative yeasts can cause significant damage.

There is a whole range of problems: adverse effects on smell and taste of the beverage are to be expected as sensoric faults. In addition, products already bottled can develop dangerous swellings destroying the container.

Quality control at the highest level

Modern quality control has to detect spoilage organisms quickly, reliably and specifically. Spore formation by Alicyclobacillus and the related risk of long-term contamination has also to be excluded reliably. Especially introduction of Alicyclobacillus and fermentative yeasts via raw materials should be checked for meticulously. With VIT®, quality control is raised to the highest level.

Alicyclobacillus in juice samples

Reliable solutions

With products and services by vermicon Alicyclobacillus, fermetative yeasts and other beverage-spoiling microorganisms can be identified quickly and reliably in juices and concentrates. The focus on living bacteria and the method's robustness guarantee utmost dependability.

VIT® Test kit


With our products, you can identify Alicyclobacillus, fermentative yeasts and other beverage-spoilig microorganisms quickly and reliably in-house and thus streamline your clearance decisions.


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VIT® Lab services


With our services, you do not have to bother with anything. Just send us your samples and you can depend on us to take care that your samples are swiftly analyzed for the required beverage-spoiling organisms.


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